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420BIC | Brand Identity Center

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About You.

"I have a cannabis brand but don't know how to market it."

We apply proven, intuitive general market principles for more predictable & sustainable results - think billions, not millions.

'How Do I Start?"

We help you assess potential cannabis offerings by merging  the current market landscape with your brand's core competencies. It's worth the trip.

"How Does a Non-Cannabis Company Assess Opportunities?"

We'll take you through a thorough market landscape assessment to help identify real opportunities (with an eye on insulting your current businesses).

Media Contributions

About Us. We Help You:

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Grab Attention

Let people know what you have to offer, why they'll want it,  and where to get it.

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Generate Deserved Buzz

Create authentic buzz around the brand among your most-likely buyers - give them tools and language to help spread the good word.

Keep Them Coming Back

Tools and incentives to grow customer's value at each purchase, and over time.


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420BIC | Brand Identity Center

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